Fleece Animal Headband Headlamps

Posted: November 20, 2021
Fleece Animal Headband Headlamps

Bear, Deer, Fox, and Wolf light the way for your little one as they don one of these fleece animal headband headlamps from Sun Company. The WildLight Headband Headlamps for kids keep the heat in on cold nights with a soft, stretchy fleece construction that's adjustable to fit heads small and big-ol'-melon-sized alike via a Velcro strap on the back.

The built-in WildLight headlamps are positioned across their respective friendly forest animals' own heads, and include 4 x bright white COD LEDs with 3 lighting modes, and the ability to angle downward up to 180 degrees.

WildLight Headband Headlamps make great gifts for kids to wear during bedtime stories, either at the campsite or under the covers at home, as well as during after-dark treks to take a whiz, either at the campsite or down the hall at home.

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