Batman Car Seat

Posted: April 27, 2013
Batman Car Seat
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A Batman Car Seat?! Kids these days are so spoiled. When I was of car seat age my mama didn't even put me in a car seat. She strapped me down with bungee cords. And only on the inside of the car instead of the roof on days we had tornado warnings in effect. Now all these little punks get to lounge comfortably in the lap of Batman and even share in the magnificence of his cape. As someone who cannot abstain from calling BS when he sees BS, all I've got to say is: that is some buuuull shit*.

Also, why doesn't the Batman Car Seat come in adult-sized? To go with my Batman Helmet?

I'm pretty sure the car seat has passed all governmental requirements for keeping its contents safe while driving. Check out the KidsEmbrace site for a full rundown of specs and certifications. I can't tell exactly what sizes of children Batman has been designed to hold, but it looks like the ones who weigh between 22 and 100 pounds. How much do you think the mini Guido hamming it up in the above photo weighs? Yeah, I was gonna say a buck twenty-five too. Puh. I bet when he gets up Batman will have pins and needles in his legs for days.

Maybe my favorite part about the Batman Car Seat listing on KidsEmbrace is the company's full-disclosure, 500-word description of who Batman is and why he is famous. They also clear up that he is a comic book character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939, not a real live immortal superhero. Because parents considering purchasing an item intended to secure and protect their children have a right to know.

*Imagine this phrase pronounced in a slight South Carolinian drawl because that is how my friend Victor says it and I swear the effect is magnified x10.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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