Baby Tattoo Sleeve Onesie

Posted: April 27, 2014
Baby Tattoo Sleeve Onesie
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This baby with a mohawk and sleeves tattooed on his arms looks ridiculous. Even though the mohawk is probably just a styling of the only hair he has on his head and the sleeves are part of a onesie. The poor bastard. He doesn't even know he better start dreading the day he brings a girl home for the first time and his mom hauls out this photo. And it will be years before he realizes that putting up with fruity hairdos and ironic outfits intended to give adults their jollies is just the cost of doing business with your parents. They give you their genetic code, you give them the first 8 to 10 years of your life to use as their personal medium of self-expression. In this case, Daddy wants to tell the world his boy's a badass hipster with Salvation tats up and down his arm. Just like his father would be if getting that first set of snake eyes dice hadn't hurt so dang bad.

Me, if I had another human being forged in my likeness, I'd rather partake in the baby branding program. You know, get my kid the real tattoos, and make a few bucks off of his ink.

The tatted up portions of this baby onesie are fashioned using high-quality sublimation printing, so the color will not fade or run. Sleeve material is 95% polyester and 5% spandex and should not shrink during washing (should be done by hand). The onesie's bodice is 100% cotton. Sizes small (3 to 6 months) through XL (18 to 24 months) are available, as is a more feminine, T-shirt version of the inked baby getup.

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