Baby Sleeping Bags

Posted: March 30, 2021
Baby Sleeping Bags
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Snug as a bug in a rug is right. These Baby Sleeping Bags from Morrison Outdoors are as adorable as they are functional. And by functional I mean, like wearable sleeping bags for adults, they will keep your kiddos warm and cozy without mummifying them, but unlike the former, Baby Sleeping Bags will mermaid-ify them. Zip them up with 2 arms, but only one leg free and at their disposal. This increases Baby Sleeping Bags' functionality by, like, tenfold in that it removes the child's ability to crawl, walk, or run amok through and away from your campsite.

The third functional purpose Baby Sleeping Bags will serve relates back to their adorability which, even as a dude who's not that into kids, really is undeniable. Zip up your sweet pea in one of these sleep sacks and the photo ops are gonna grow into a horde so big even the grandparents will start blocking your posts.

Baby Sleeping Bags come in Little Mo and Big Mo sizes, the former for infants 6 to 24 months, and the latter for toddlers 2 to 4. You'll also have a choice between 2 sleeping bag ratings if you visit the Morrison Outdoors online store, for 20 degrees F and 40 degrees F.

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