Schmitz Mittz Super Duty UtilityArmor Gloves

Posted: January 03, 2017
Schmitz Mittz UtilityArmor Safety Gloves
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Schmitz Mittz calls their gloves "hard hats for your hands." These Super Duty versions of their UtilityArmor Waterproof line add abrasion-resistant Kevlar fourchettes* as reinforcement between the fingers (the standard pairs have microfiber) to the standard Schmitz Mitt hardiness of:

  • An Armortex Kevlar outer protective layer
  • Heat- and chemical-resistant palms
  • Molded rubber impact guards on the knuckle, fingers, and thumb
  • Abrasion resistance and flexibility
  • Neoprene cuff with adjustable velcro strap to keep out debris
  • Waterproof inner liner
  • Double layer thumb protection
  • Kevlar Tex 45 thread

Schmitz Mittz makes their Super Duty UtilityArmor Waterproof Safety Gloves in Red and High Viz Green. They are recommended for firefighters, policemen, construction workers, oil & gas workers, military personnel, agricultural & forestry workers, and those in the automotive industry.

*Word of the Day: Fourchette. "Fourchette" has 2 very specific meanings. One is the stitched side area of a glove than runs in between the "trank," or top and bottom portion with the finger cutouts. The other is "a thin fold of skin at the back of the vulva." Right below about where one would stick it in. As if you needed any more reason to think of sex every time you put on a pair of gloves.

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