Nanotips Touchscreen Tonic for Gloves

Posted: November 14, 2014
Nanotips Touchscreen Tonic for Gloves

Frostbite-free constant contact. That's what I'm talkin' about. Though touchscreen gloves have been around for a while, Nanotips tweaks the idea of hand warmers that don't prohibit smartphone and tablet use by enabling its users to turn any pair of gloves--i.e., a pair of gloves they actually like--into touchscreen-compatible accessories. Nanotips is a liquid polyamide solution that applies in 3 steps (shake, paint, dry) to the touchscreen finger of any pair of gloves. Once in place the semi-permanent tonic will restore the use of toasty warm pointers against the finicky screens of mobile devices.

Nanotips says it can make any glove on earth touchscreen friendly. The solution comes in Blue and Black, the former for fabric gloves and the latter for thicker textiles, such as leather, rubber, or nylon. Once in place a Nanotips blot should last from several weeks to months, depending on usage and washing. If its effectiveness fades, recharge your finger swipes with a simple reapplication. Nanotips will not damage gloves, but might discolor lighter hued fabrics at its concentration point.

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