Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves

Posted: November 18, 2014
Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves
$249.95 - $269.95
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As if riding a motorcycle while protecting your skin from flaying off and bones from splitting in half weren't cool enough, Knox is going to make it look like you have mech hands in the process. More armor than gloves, Handroids are your advanced engineered gauntlets for the open road.

Handroid knuckles, fingers, and thumbs are lined with patented flexible exoskeletal spines that add an outer layer of bone protection without restricting movement. Spines connect to a gel-lined Metapod covering the metacarpals and extending the protection to the back of the hand. Palms of the gloves feature a Sport Scaphoid Protection System backed by additional sliding systems on all sides. In the event of impact this ensures the sliders, not the leather, take the blow (though Handroid Kangaroo leather palms are themselves tear-resistant.)

Knox hand armor promises a comfortable fit with the Handroid Boa lacing and wrist systems, the former allowing for precise adjustments around the whole cuff, and the latter serving as an external brace that tightens equally from all sides. Turn the dial and find the torque that works for you. (Real men will turn it up to 11).

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