Cut-Resistant Kevlar Sleeves

Posted: March 06, 2017
Cut-Resistant Kevlar Sleeves

I was surprised at how many of the reviews for cut-resistant Kevlar sleeves aren't from motorcyclists, welders, mechanics, or even landscapers, but from pet groomers, cat owners, and, uh, people who work with the elderly and the mentally disabled. There is much discussion about how well they protect you when you're scratched, gouged, or bitten. Most users are pretty pleased. Including one guy who wears the sleeves while handling his macaw. Though someone else notes that while the Kevlar keeps your arms clear of bite punctures and teeth marks, they won't save you from the bruising that goes along with them.

The cut-resistant sleeves are sewn as a double layer, 18" long with a thumb notch to keep them from riding up. (Some say they run small and itchy, but seem to break in with wear.) They have an ANSI cut level 4 rating and provide UV protection for outdoor workers, riders, and gardeners as well.

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