Wolverine Pack Self-Healing Utility Bag

Posted: August 23, 2017
$59 - $75
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If you're thinking, "What the Thoros of Myr is a self-healing utility bag?" like I was when I first saw the Wolverine Pack, check out this GIF of a dude stabbing the bag with a spike and then rubbing the puncture right back together with his hand. Made with Regenerative FuseFabric (nah, not adamantium that is also ultra-lightweight, expandable, and water-resistant, creator Slughaus is Kickstarting the Wolverine Pack as the first of its kind for EDC, travel, adventure sports, and the gym.

The self-healing FuseFabric is essentially a next-level nylon ripstop. According to Slughaus, the textile weaving process blends thicker, more durable threads with lighter, lower density ones, and then coats the whole lot with polyurethane. Result: overall reduction in weight and bulk, and a seamless fabric that inherently binds together. Even when snags, slashes, and Magneto pull it apart.

The Wolverine Pack's rolltop design allows you to pack it with as little as 5L and as much as 20L of gear. Empty you can twist and fold the bag down to the same length, and less than half the weight of an iPhone.

Weatherproofing technology support the FuseFabric's performance in all weather conditions, including accidental submersion up to 1 ATM.

Head over to Kickstarter through October 22, 2017 to pledge for a Wolverine Pack of your own.

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