Washing Machine Suitcase

Posted: November 29, 2012
Washing Machine Suitcase
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At first I thought this was an actual washing machine/suitcase combo. Like for moms to tote around and use to instantly remove the spit-up and dirt and, in my case, Bloody Marys, from their kids' perpetually soiled clothes. But upon further inspection, I see that it's just a suitcase with washing machine imagery painted on the front. I guess that's cool too. Even though I'm a little crestfallen that my excitement over no longer having to lug my laundry to my mom's house so she can wash it have been dashed.

SuitSuit's Maytag-in-the-house, hard-case carry-on measures 20" for a snug fit in most overhead compartments. It is fitted with strong, "racing style" wheels (for the inevitable suitcase races that spontaneously break out in airports), a push button handle with multiple height stops, and a TSA lock. The inside has a tidy mesh lid compartment, packing straps, and interior pockets ideally crafted for cramming in twice as much shit as you normally would to avoid baggage check fees. Because F airlines' baggage check fees! Though it looks heavy, and though most of the washing machines I've carried through the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport have been pretty heavy, the ABS plastic suitcase weighs only 5.2 pounds. It also comes with a 2 year warranty, which is voided if you try loading it with dishwashing liquid.

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