The Undercover - Changing Room in a Backpack

Posted: April 11, 2017
$69 - $75
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The streakers, flashers, and proud displayers of crack of the world will probably take offense at The Undercover, but for the rest of us, a portable changing room that carries our change of, or changed-out-of, clothes as a backpack when we're not changing could be a very welcome addition to athletic pursuits and summer fun.

The Undercover pulls into a drawstring sack made of quick-drying, sweat-wicking, anti-microbial fabric for toting around the clothes and gear you don't need right now. When it's time to change out of swimwear, sweaty hiking clothes, or cycling lycra the backpack unravels into a roomy tube whose drawstring secures around the waist or, for women, around the neck, to provide coverage as you wriggle out of what you don't want to wear and into what you do. Without concern that the towel is gonna drop, or some kid and his mom are gonna to pick your tree for their whizz station at the exact wrong time. A zippered side opening provides additional access to the lower half of The Undercover to help finagle underwear and bottoms into / out of place.

The Undercover portable changing room comes in black, blue, and gray colors. Maker The Undress says one size fits most.

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