Slim Water Repellent Laptop Backpack

Posted: August 03, 2015
Slim Water Repellent Laptop Backpack
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Backpacks usually remind me of school. Ugh. One thing I do not miss is school. Granted, work is a buzzkill too. The grind of the rat race, my incredibly taxing job of trolling the Internet for stuff to spend money on. But at least I don't have to remember how to use the quadratic formula and no one gets their panties in a bunch if I drink a beer at my desk. The point is, NIID's new backpack, the Decode, doesn't remind me of school at all. The bag is large enough to hold a laptop (13" to 15.6") and all of your EDC items, but still slim and compact enough to wear in your office tower's elevator without taking out those two guys from accounting when you turn to get off.

The Decode style is also business-suit-ready. Its Eco-Polyester exterior and satin linings are black, classy, and as professional as the pack mule look gets. The entire bag is also treated with a water-repellent coating for commutes that get ugly as fall approaches. The dedicated laptop compartment is surrounded by an Air-Armer shock absorber, and an front compartment with anti-theft security pocket provides easy access to other items, while reducing the threat of losing wallets and other valuables. Air-Flow back padding made with breathable mesh completes the Decode layout.

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