Sizzle Strapz Leather Bags

Posted: October 26, 2013
Sizzle Strapz Leather Bags
$249 - $1,499
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Rich Bhata hand smiths all Sizzle Strapz bags in his St. Charles, IL shop from genuine cow hide and American buffalo. I've never felt the desire to lovingly stroke a cow or buffalo before--just devour them in ground and fillet forms--but the urge right now, it is strong. From Bhata's 12-1/2" iPad carrier ($249) to his 26" duffel ($1,499), I can imagine only sheer tanned luxury beneath my cheek as I snooze atop a Sizzle Strapz during my next bus or airplane ride. Animal hides are drool-resistant, right?

Bhata offers over two dozen bag designs in the Sizzle Strapz collection, all made from leather obtained cruelty-free in the USA. Well, as cruelty-free as one can be given that the end result is still death, I guess. Since each bag is made to order, buyers can request colors and thicknesses other than those shown online. I think you should go with gray. It brings out the green flecks in my eyes. And I prefer zippers and clasps to buckles, since the latter present an unwanted challenge to my kielbasa fingers every time I need to access my bag interior for money or more juice.

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