ShelfPack Suitcase

Posted: July 18, 2015
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ShelfPack may not be quite big enough to hold your kitchen sink, but it can hold an entire set of shelves. Talk about expandable luggage. Take stacks of items from your dresser or closet organizer and restack them just as they were on this suitcase's tower of retractable shelves. Not only will it make loading up easier and tidier, but once you reach your destination ShelfPack will change 2 weeks's worth of living out of your suitcase from a burden to a cakewalk.

ShelfPack contains 4 built-in shelves and 3 outer pocket compartments secured by telescoping supports, all of which drop into the base of the suitcase when it's time to shut and zip. Closed bag dimensions are 26" tall (28" including wheels) x 18" wide x 14" deep. Expanded into your portable closet, ShelfPack stands 42" tall (case lies on its backside). Weight is 17 pounds.

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