Seventy2 Pro Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Backpack

Posted: August 20, 2020
Seventy2 Pro Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Backpack
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The Seventy2 Pro Harley-Davidson motorcycle backpack brings just a shell of Uncharted Supply Co.'s loaded-up (and strapped-on) survival system to bike fans. The bag is based on their new Seventy2 Pro carrier, minus the insert items, but with additional features calibrated to level up your rides and cruises.

The standard Seventy2 Pro backpack is made of 600D welded, waterproof tarpaulin with a roll-top closure. Its frame is soft for better body-contouring, and its shoulder and hip straps are made for all-day comfort. Side attachment points, bottom straps, stretchy outside and hip pockets, and an external pocket give you "the ability to carry virtually anything" whether flying down the highway or walking down the street.

Enhancements specific to the Seventy2 Pro Harley-Davidson include:

  • An easy access felt-lined pocket for goggles and glasses.
  • A removable reflective cover for extreme visibility to oncoming traffic.
  • An integrated bladder and hose for hands-free hydration.
  • Closed-cell foam additions to reduce friction and help keep clothes from riding up.

The Seventy2 Pro Harley-Davidson pack weighs 3 pounds empty, and has dimensions of 7" x 12" x 13".

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