Pix Customizable Digital Backpack

Posted: May 06, 2020
Pix Digital Customizable Backpack
$198 - $299
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Where the Pix Backpack, a customizable digital bag for your pixel art and messages, may have once flashed smiley faces and "Have a nice day" sentiments through its LED lights, today you might use it to show of your personal artwork, Smiley Face Wearing a Cloth Mask, or "If you can read this you're not at least 6' away" alert.

Or maybe, "No cash...or meat inside."

An animation of a sloth washing its hands.

An image of an oompa loompa drinking a bottle of bleach. No wait....

The Pix Backpack syncs with an iOS or Android phone to give wearers full control over their LED pixel displays. In addition to messages, static images, and animations, the Pix "screen" can display widgets, such as a clock or timer, and old school video games you can actually play.

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