Pelican Crushproof Backpacks

Posted: February 05, 2014
Pelican Crushproof Backpacks
$75 - $350
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Defense wins games. (Right, Peyton?) Defensive driving prevents accidents. Proof of self-defense averts jail time. And a Pelican crushproof barrier defending your laptop against fat Aunt Jan tripping over a strap of the backpack you left lying on the floor and smashing into the center of it with the full downward force of her right knee ensures she will not destroy the contents of your entire life, which have not been backed up in 58 days.

Pelican's laptop backpacks are all fitted with a trademark Pelican protector case. Available in varying pack sizes and for varying laptop/tablet sizes, one Pelican characteristic remains constant in all of these bags: their inserts are crushproof, watertight, and impact-resistant.

A few sample models include:

  • Pelican ProGear S100. A top-loader sport elite backpack with an interior crushproof case to accommodate laptops of up to 15". The main storage compartment has a 25-liter capacity, and the shoulder straps float when the pack hits water. Additional features include a SureGrip soft rubber handle, load compression straps, a lumbar pad, and an ergonomic ventilated back.
  • Pelican U100. The watertight, crushproof interior protection case holds laptops between 15" and 17", plus has an impact-protected front compartment for a tablet. Pack is IP67-tested watertight at 3' under water for 30 minutes. It is also dustproof and has an easy-open spring-lock latch.
  • Pelican S130. A photographer's backpack with a rigid-plated and internally padded front compartment for camera storage. Laptop case is slim, and intended for use with Ultrabook models. It is watertight to a 3' depth for 30 minutes. The S130 also has a 25-liter main storage compartment, plus a bottom expanding sling storage section.

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