PACT Threadless, Glueless Leather Cases

Posted: July 26, 2014
PACT Threadless, Glueless Leather Cases
$35 - $400
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Sometimes the real bells and whistles are the removal of the bells and whistles altogether. PACT's swell wallets, device cases, and satchels are a complete line of laser-cut and hand-woven, folded, and finished pieces made of nothing but US vegetable-tanned leather. No stitching to snap and fray. No glue to get gummy and deteriorate. No zippers, hooks, or clasps to break or catch on your clothes.

What PACT does add to each buyer's case--and all subsequent cases the individual may purchase--is a unique PactMark. Rather than brand their leather with company logos, PACT inscribes on each finished piece a minimalist pattern of 28 circles, some open some filled. There are exactly 268,456,435 unique permutations possible with the open-fill design, so every PACT member will have his or her own personal PactMark denoting case ownership. Each PactMark is registered, and also transferrable should you want to pass yours along to your favorite child or trade it for the Maserati during divorce settlement negotiations.

PACT's line of leather cases includes:

  • Wallets. An ultra-slim, single laser-cut piece of leather that can carry 3 to 5 cards and a few bills of cash. Feels like butter in your hand.
  • Phone Wallets. PACT's wallet that also doubles as a smartphone case compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, and HTC One. Feels like butter in your hand.
  • Tablet Sleeves. Available for a host of tablets, including Apple, Amazon, and Samsung. Uses tabbed seam construction instead of stitching and glue to create a form-fitted envelope from a single piece of leather that...feels like butter in your hand.
  • Portfolios. For carrying notebook computers, documents, sketch pads, butter. Has a tightly integrated strap added to the single large piece of leather.
  • Satchels. A shoulder bag made of 7.5 oz veg-tanned leather, available in 3 sizes. The 2 largest are laptop friendly and the smallest suitable for tablets or 11" computers. Feels like butter draped across your body.

PACT leather cases seek Kickstarter funding through July 31, 2014.

Muchas danke to Justin S. for the Dude Product Tip.

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