Mystery Ranch 3-Way Briefcase

Posted: June 09, 2021
Mystery Ranch 3-Way Briefcase
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How do you get a briefcase to morph between traditional office carrier, modern shoulder bag, and utilitarian backpack? It's a Mystery. Mystery Ranch, that is.

Available in a handful of colors (Wood Waxed is shown above) the Mystery Ranch 3-Way Briefcase is a commuter bag made for any type of commuting you may do: car; bus; bike; scooter; skateboard; Elliptigo; prancing; I can't think of any means of daily travel you couldn't adjust the briefcase to accommodate.

In addition to its ability to transform, the case can also expand. Its laptop bag accordions to fit extra gear, and the back zipper unzips to hold an additional 5L of EDC, or maybe a change of clothes and toiletries for an overnighter.

Speaking of Mystery Ranch, I'm pretty sure that's the kind of sauce I got on my burger from a food truck last weekend. Mystery Ranch 3-Way Briefcase: 5 stars. Carry your shit with versatility and style. Mystery Ranch Burger Sauce: 0 stars. Carry your shit for, like, 15 minutes before it demands explosive release in the toilet you better pray is within sphincter-squeezing running distance.

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