Lay-n-Go Wired Accents Bag

Posted: June 16, 2018
Lay-n-Go Wired Accents Bag
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Lay-n-Go, huh? Sounds like a Tinder date more than a cord and tech bag to me. But maybe the people who came up with the Lay-n-Go aren't familiar with the pleasures of laying and going, and therefore do not see the irony in giving such a sexy name to decidedly unsexy product.

Well. I guess some people might look at the Lay-n-Go Wired's water repellent, poly rip stop shell, its zippered and mesh interior pockets for all your cords, cables, chargers, flash drives, and earbuds, and its nylon cinch cord closure, and think, "Damn. That is a sexy bag."

Lay-n-Go Wired carriers measure 19" in diameter when open, small enough to stuff in a backpack, spread out on an airplane tray table, or dangle from the headrest of your carseat.

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