Hardgraft Layover Holdall

Posted: June 01, 2023
Hardgraft Layover Holdall
$769 - $879
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You might think life is a highway, but Hardgraft believes "Life is a JOURNEY." And the Hardgraft Layover Holdall is the most suitable companion for this journey because "the most thrilling times usually [come] from surprising layovers." Yeah...that's one way to put it.

Another is, airlines are the most wretched entities in existence, and that's saying a lot since all other forms of travel have a pretty high capacity for delays and breakdowns that F up your trip too, so don't ever forget to keep a bag with at least one destination-ready outfit, and a coupla extra pairs of underwear on your person at all times. Even if gate agents say they'll check your carry-on all the way through to your final destination for free, or threaten to make you do it because the overheads are getting full, and you're in boarding group 5.

I've been stuck on a tropical beach in jeans and a flannel one too many times to leave without my Hardgraft Layover Holdall ever again.

Well, actually, without my Eagle Creek overnighter. Hardgraft's duffel is a little too luxe for my ability to take care of nice things.

Hardgraft Layover Holdalls are made with a combination of vegetable-tanned leather and wool felt, both of which are made in Italy, along with the bags themselves. Dimensions are 17.7" x 11.8" x 9.8", with a zipper that opens to 23.6".

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