GoPlug Powered Bags

Posted: April 21, 2014
$129 - $399
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I kind of like the idea of sitting on a park bench with a backpack sporting an electrical outlet. Typing away on a laptop plugged into something that once carried books, but now carries a 115v, 60Hz device capable of outputting up to 80 watts of continuous power. It's such a profound sign of the times. And not just the artistic rendering or concept created for social commentary kind of sign of the times. The GoPlug series of powered bags is real. You can pledge for one of your own on Kickstarter in computer bag, backpack, roller case, camera pack, or camera roller case form through May 14, 2014.

GoPlug creator Josh Cross has devised a way to turn our most commonly used bags into power sources for our most commonly used electrical devices. (They still, by the way, function as bags too.) With integrated battery packs feeding into 1 or 2, 360-degree rotating AC outlets, plus 2 USB charging ports, the GoPlug collection will ensure you never again get de-juiced on an airplane, at an outdoor music festival, or camping along the cineplex sidewalk to buy tickets to Guardians of the Galaxy opening night. Each GoPlug's 16-ounce, rechargeable 12v LiPo battery has the capacity to charge a smartphone up to 6 times and a tablet twice. It can also double the life of the average laptop on a single charge.

GoPlug bags are also water-resistant, with completely waterproof zippers and power buttons. So while Cross does not recommend using a GoPlug roller case as a floatation device (well, unless the plane goes down and you have bigger things to worry about than getting your rechargeable battery wet) it will remain unaffected during exposure to rain and snow.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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