FlyDad FirstBorn Men's Diaper Backpack

Posted: September 20, 2021
FlyDad FirstBorn Men's Diaper Backpack
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No, it's not a backpack for men's diapers. It's a diaper backpack for men. Thanks to my 4th grade teacher, Miss Dunkelberg, I was able to use the context clues of "FlyDad" and "FirstBorn" to determine this bag is for new papas - or years-in papas who can't get their kids to pee and poo in the pot yet - to tote on baby excursions without looking they're muling a whole nursery on their back.

With the FlyDad FirstBorn, no one will know that center compartment holds Pampers and a changing pad rather than a laptop. Or the other 20 pockets are filled with wipes, bottles, google-eyed rattles, and a Nosefrida the Snotsucker, rather than pens, cables, multi-tools, and a Nintendo Switch.

Geared toward urban dudes with babes, FlyDad calls its FirstBorn "the most fashion-forward and functional dad diaper bag." The exterior is made of ballistic-grade materials and leather trim accents, adhered with stitched and zippers FlyDad says are rugged enough to survive a UFC fight.

The backpack's 21 pockets and compartments include: a dedicated diaper pocket - front and center with a snap closure for easy access; an insulated milk pocket that can hold a pair of 4-ounce bottles; a side wipe holder; a cell phone pocket on the strap; an oversized water bottle holder; and oh, hey, a secure laptop sleeve after all.

There's also a universal charging cable, and the aforementioned changing pad is included.

I guess if you've gotta be a dad, may as well be a FlyDad.

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