Fanny DeVito - Danny DeVito Fanny Pack

Posted: March 14, 2020
Fanny DeVito - Danny DeVito Fanny Pack
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The Fanny DeVito is a portmanteau of Danny DeVito and a fanny pack in both glorious name and glorious practice. What looks to be a decently made canvas hip pack serves as the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor's rounded head, with his facial features, including jolly smile and black-framed glasses, printed fanny center.

Fanny DeVito's piece de resistance, though, is the pack's strap, covered at its ends with with his trademark hair fluff to complete the parody.

Retailer The Cryptic Closet indicates the Fanny DeVito is coming in April 2020, and I wonder if that means April 1. If not, I think good times and hilarity could ensue for anyone willing to double-fanny-up with a Fanny DeVito and a Dadbag.

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