Dino Case - T-Rex Lunch Box & Carrier

Posted: March 14, 2017
Dino Case - T-Rex Lunch Box & Carrier
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No one will steal your lunch - or your maker tools, or your stash - ever again with T-Rex guarding it. The Dino Case from Suck UK uses the impenetrable strength of beastly prehistoric jaw to protect your most beloved PB&Js.

OK, a black nylon and elastic strap closure helps out a little too.

The Dino Case is made of hard plastic and measures 9" wide x 6.2" tall x 5.2" deep.

At printing, the above listing noted a 1- to 2-month T-Rex ship time, but I think that's only because it hadn't been released yet. In any (dino) case, you can also order the lunch box with free US shipping, and no stated long-ass wait time, here.

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