Defender Anti-Theft Backpack

Posted: August 04, 2013
Defender Anti-Theft Backpack

Due to my hulking presence and penetrating stare, people usually know better than to try and steal...or touch...or come within 10 feet of my stuff. But I'll grant that theft, and pickpocketing in particular, is a worldwide problem to which many fall victim at some point in their lives. Backpack toters seem to be ideal candidates given their restricted view of the items they're carrying, plus the easy, exposed-zippers-all-over access thieves typically have to their bags' contents. So in response to this disregard some have for politely staying away from shit that's not theirs, Tania Blanco, a designer from Valencia, Spain, has created the Defender Anti-Theft Backpack.

Still in prototype phases, the backpack is currently up for consumer feedback on interest, pricing, and design on the inventors' community Quirky. Defender's primary appeal is its zipper configuration; the main compartment's closure is hidden on the back-facing panel, so even agile-fingered pickpockets cannot access it. At least not without very noticeably feeling the wearer up.

For items requiring quick or more frequent access, Defender also includes some pockets on the sides and back with the increased security of "noisy Velcro strap" coverings. Supposedly, if these are disturbed while the backpack is worn they will sound loud enough to provide an alert before the thief is able to get inside. A zip pouch on the shoulder strap allows for phone storage.

Defender Anti-Theft Backpacks are made of Cordura and rip stop nylon. They measure 12.6" wide x 18.1" high x 4.7" deep, with enough room (and padding) for both a laptop and a tablet.

Muchas danke to Damn Geeky.

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