Crash Baggage Icon Busted-Up Suitcase

Posted: July 02, 2020
Crash Baggage Icon Busted-Up Suitcase
$340 - $420
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Outsmart careless baggage handlers, lost luggage offices, and coronaviruses with the Crash Baggage Icon, a wheeled hard suitcase for travelers that comes pre-busted-up! Never worry about dings and dents again because they're there from the start, all part of the look. Subsequent scratches and gouges are no problem either - they'll blend right in. And the coronavirus part?

Well, it's not an official CDC or WHO recommendation as far as I know, but as I mentioned when discussing the Korin HiPack, a hard outer shell on luggage and backpacks makes them a helluva lot less penetrable, and easier to wipe off / disinfect than soft bags.

Crash Baggage's Icon spinner bags are some of the latest in their line of dented designs. They come in 3 sizes, Cabin (carry-on), Medium, and Large, as well as a range of matte and metallic colors. Icon shells are made of 100% ABS / polycarbonate material that Crash Baggage guarantees to be durable despite the looks of them.

Icon bags also have a built-in lock to secure your belongings inside, just in case a weird, beat-up suitcase doesn't provide enough anti-theft protection.

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