Bubba Goose Design Duffel Bags

Posted: May 07, 2023
Bubba Goose Design Duffel Bags
$140 - $200
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Born in Seattle, WA in Summer 2022, Bubba Goose Design is about to turn 1 year old. Their lightweight, heavy-duty duffel bags are designed by Delian Scudder, a 20-year veteran of product development for the US Military and outdoor brands, and all Bubba Goose issues are sewn locally, from US-made fabrics upcycled from Scudder's former industries. Throw in the standout gray-and-white harlequin pattern of Bubba Goose's original duffel release, plus the rugged traditional looks of their Coyote and Black lines for 2023, and I'd bet this Goose will celebrate many more birthdays to come.

What's the average lifespan of a goose anyway? Hold please while I consult ChatGPT.

Holy crap! Geese living in captivity, and not scheduled to be cooked for Christmas, can live 20 to 25 years! Even geese in the wild, living under more precarious conditions, can make it 10 to 15. And, of course, the evil Canada goose tends to defy all odds even in the wild, living 20+ years.

The Bubba Goose duffels shown above are made from military-grade 1000 denier DuPont Cordura and Kevlar reinforced nylon laminate. They have exterior Velcro patches for IDs, Texas leather shoulder strap liners for reinforced grip, and US Military webbing and buckles. They come in Small, Medium, and Large sizes, all TSA carry-on compliant. The Bubba Goose Small has an 11.35L capacity, the Medium 23.81L, and the Large 34.26.

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