Boblbee Biker Backpack

Posted: July 21, 2016
Boblbee Biker Backpack
$278.99 - $294.97
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Boblbee packs have got your back. Sure, these roomy, hard-shell travelers protect the gear you stash inside them, but their high-impact ABS curves and "Master Class" Level 2 rating also protects the other important thing they cover: you. The 25L GTO pictured here is Boblbee's trademark pack, complete with an aerodynamic dome and ventilated, ergonomic back panel that makes them prime candidates for shielding the spines of motorcyclists, mountain bikers, and other two-wheel long haulers.

Some notable Boblebee GTO details and specs include:

  • Waist belt attachment and ergonomic waist support.
  • Stabilizing hip padding.
  • Ventilated soft foam fabric covered back panel.
  • 25L capacity expanded, 20L compressed.
  • 3M reflective material.
  • 15" laptop compartment.
  • Detachable phone pocket, plus additional pocket attachments.
  • Total weight of 4.1 pounds.

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