Basketball Backpack

Posted: July 16, 2012
Basketball Backpack
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Much to the agony of the kids who have to go back and the ecstasy of the parents who get to send them, it's time to start thinking about school. Painful for young'uns in every way, less their opportunity to rake in a bunch of new swag. The Basketball Backpack aims to assuage elementary schoolers' plight of toting complex books about long division and state capitols. Unzip the front compartment, fold down the rim, and whoosh! go the minutes of little Matty waiting for the bus, waiting for class to start, waiting for a ride home, and waiting for the hot 5th grader in the hot pink short shorts to notice his sweet hook shot. (Which really is pretty sweet, especially for an 8-year-old. He's got baller's hands. He'll probably start at guard for the Varsity team as a freshman. And you're not just saying that 'cause you're his father....)

The Basketball Backpack includes a 3" ball, and is fitted with padded straps and back, a mesh side pocket for a water bottle, an a long handle for hanging on a door knob. Oh yeah, it also has a zippered compartment for books.

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