Baby Yoda Pack

Posted: January 14, 2021
Baby Yoda Pack
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No hover pod to transport your Baby Yoda in? Then mule up and schlep little Grogu on your back with the Baby Yoda Pack from Kapacks. The hardshell backpack's generous interior even has room for a few frogs and a shiny orb to keep The Child fed and entertained while you're out and about.

Plus a bevy of pockets for your own tech and gear, along with an integrated USB charging port, and protective outer shell that's waterproof, slash-proof, and easy to clean if Baby Yoda has a burp-up or the runs.

The Baby Yoda Pack comes in Silver, White, Black, or Pink. If you want - and I can't even believe I'm writing this since it sounds so ridiculous - you can also get the Baby Yoda Pack without the removable 17" tall Grogu doll.

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