Winterial Downhill Inflatable Snow Sled

Posted: September 28, 2020
Winterial Downhill Inflatable Snow Sled
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The Winterial Downhill Inflatable Snow Sled is about to blow up your winter recreation. Word on the street is that snow sport alternatives to skiing and snowboarding are going to be especially popular in 2020 since social distancing measures will limit the number of people on mountain resort slopes - or at least standing in line for and riding their chair lifts. More accessible - not to mention much cheaper - activities such as cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, and my personal favorite, sledding are likely to find themselves snowballing in participation this year.

The Winterial Downhill Inflatable Snow Sled is an easy one to stuff in the car, or even a backpack if you plan to trek to your favorite hidden gem of a hill. Inflated the sled is big enough for 1 or 2 people, at 54" long x 25.5" wide. It is made of thick nylon for durability, with 5 "trusty handles" to keep the two of you attached during your rides, and provide some sled maneuverability.

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