TreadReady Adirondack Strap Emergency Traction Device

Posted: October 26, 2019
TreadReady Adirondack Strap Emergency Traction Device
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Oh boy, slid, stuck, and spun-out season is upon us! TreadReady's Adirondack Strap emergency traction device could help you avoid the situation I found myself in a couple weeks ago: Toyota Prius in a blizzard.

It wasn't supposed to be snowing on the pass at all, much less coming down like the dead of winter. Through the windshield it looked like someone set us in a Star Wars galaxy and put the Prius into Warp Speed. We didn't fare well. For better or worse, neither did any of the other cars around us, and the highway turned into a parking lot pretty quick. Out came the chains.

The Adirondack Strap system accomplishes the same thing as standard tire chains, but here you have the option to put the straps on both before or after you hit or get stuck in the snow, and to choose how many straps / how much traction you add to each tire. TreadReady includes 10 Adirondack straps, enough to use up to 5 per wheel.

The kit also comes with a pair of gloves to protect hands during install / removal and a glow-in-the-dark multi-tool with a piece for threading the strap from behind the tire through the wheel, and another for clearing debris from rims and tires.

The Adirondack Strap kit comes packed in a truck-ready soft case, and with strap colors in your choice of orange, black and, in case you want to give a set as a gift to your girlfriend, pink.

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