Sun Company AvaGage - Avalanche Danger Indicator

Posted: December 11, 2021
Sun Company AvaGage - Avalanche Danger Indicator
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People love to hype skiing and snowboarding in the winter, rave about hiking and camping in the summer, and all the superlatives they use, and the glossy eyes they get when waxing poetic about how much joy and wholeness the outdoors bring them sometimes makes me feel sad and foolish that I don't feel the same.

And then I see a tool like Sun Company's AvaGage, an avalanche danger indicator, and I'm reminded that they're the fools. Why would I risk being buried and frozen alive in a dump of snow, or death by any other natural disaster, extreme weather, or wild animal, when I can stay at home safe on my couch, and just watch nature on my TV? Professionally taped and edited nature, so you only see the good stuff, no less. And it's often accompanied by the wise and soothing voice of David Attenborough, which is way better than that of my friend Victor grilling me on whether or not I properly buried my poo in the forest.

But anyway, since it's winter, and we're approaching the height of ski and snowboarding season, the AvaGage seems like an appropriate product to share with the snow fanatics out there, and especially the snow fanatics who level up their winter recreation to the backcountry, where the risk of running into an avalanche is higher. The AvaGage dial shows both your approximate avalanche danger and the slope of the terrain you're on. The gauge's background is also color-coded so you can easily see what level of danger you're dealing with - yellow is low, orange moderate, and red high.

The AvaGage clips to clothing or gear, adding just 0.6 ounces of weight, and 2.6" width. The back side is embossed with 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm snow crystal grids to further gauge avalanche danger.

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