Stiga Snowracer King Size GT Sled

Posted: December 22, 2016
Stiga Snowracer King Size GT Sled
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Stiga calls this sled in their Snowracer series "King Size" because it's big enough for you to hop onto with your kid. Or, you know, by yourself while he waits at the top of the hill and cheers you on. Come on, how many times have you been on the receiving end of, "Watch me! Watch me!" I think it's time for Junior to take a turn telling you how you're so amazing and the absolute best sledder ever, as he hands you a custom-made Awesome Trophy. Even after you bite it less than a quarter of the run down the slope and end up having to butt scoot the rest of the way to retrieve your runaway King Size GT*.

Stiga's Snowracers feature a curved front driving ski with shock absorber for a smooth ride and handling, plus faster speeds over snow. If you're up for it, the sled's "twin tip" design also accommodates flying downhill backwards. Whether you mean to or not. The larger size of the King increases sled length and steering column, and heightens the sitting position for adult use. The safety steering wheel pairs with a hand and foot brake for (attempts at) controlled navigation. King Size GT frames are made of tubular steel and fitted with polyethylene skis.

*Actually, that particular blooper won't happen since the sled has a ski stopper that automatically turns and stops the Snowracer if its rider falls off.

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