Sled Legs

Posted: February 21, 2017
Sled Legs
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Sled Legs are made in Canada. And that's your news for the day that contains no shock value, no potential for angering the masses, and nothing that makes you question how the hell we got here. In fact, it might be the most comforting news you hear all year, because of course. Of course Sled Legs are made in Canada. Where else would 100% wholesome, G-rated strap-ons come from?

Consoling us even more: Sled Legs say they're here to "make winter fun again!" And oh boy could I ever use some fun this winter.

Sled Legs are a pair of snow sled outer surfaces with cushioned, rounded interiors that cradle and latch over the lower halves of your legs. They're designed for riders 5'0" / 13 years and up, and sledders weighing up to 250 pounds. In use they should feel as smooth and simple as sledding, but with the speed and directional control you'd have with skis. Bonus: you'll never get chucked off your Sled Legs, or have to drag them back up the hill behind you at the end of a run.

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