Ice Scraper Mitts

Posted: October 22, 2020
Ice Scraper Mitts
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The biting morning cold. The cringey sound of the scraper. The reach across your windshield that has a 50/50 chance of tweaking your back. The damp, frozen, useless hand you're left with right when it's time to grip your steering wheel and take control of a 4,000-pound vehicle.

Winter sucks.

And these Ice Scraper Mitts aren't going to make winter suck any less, but they might do you a favor when it comes to the part of winter that sees you chipping away ice, and clearing the frost and snow off your car's windshield and windows. The mitts are essentially giant, fleece-lined mittens with hard plastic ice scrapers stuck inside. The outside of the mittens are made of a waterproof material, so your working hand stays both warm and dry during use.

Hand or hands, actually - the Ice Scraper Mitts come in a pack of 2, for those who want to go at their windshield like a dog digging a hole.

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