Heated Windshield Ice Scraper

Posted: November 20, 2022
Heated Windshield Ice Scraper
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This Heated Windshield Ice Scraper looks like a SkyMall especiale! (RIP SkyMall, at least from the skies. I've heard you can still shop their 1980s-era gadgets online.) And you know what that means: gift for Dad, ordered and done!

The old man will especially appreciate the Heated Windshield Ice Scraper's heating method, which is a coil on its underside powered by a 15' cord (a cord!) with a 12V plug that inserts into his car's cigarette lighter (the cigarette lighter!) Forget wireless and rechargeable, this electronic gem is going full-on functional nostalgia!

Once plugged and heated, the ice scraper both melts frost and thicker ice and, with its squeegee-style rubber blade, drags off accumulated snow. There is even an LED light built into the handle so you can melt and scrape in the dark.

Blooper Alert: check out the image of the Heated Windshield Ice Scraper's features in the gallery above. The one with 4 quadrants of zoomed-in scraper parts. See the one in the top left? About the built-in LED light? Read what it says. That's right, "Built in led flesh light." Tee-hee-hee. Guess that's for when you're on a lonely, solo winter road trip and jonesing for some car head.

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