Gogglesoc Microfiber Protective Ski Goggle Cover

Posted: August 21, 2023
Gogglesoc Microfiber Protective Ski Goggle Cover
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Gogglesoc. Now I'm neither skier nor snowboarder, but I find it hard to believe the product itself - a microfiber protective goggle cover - can compete with its name. They called it Gogglesoc, dudes. That's right up there with galoshes in my book of most gratifying words to think and say. I almost feel like if I speak it aloud 3 times, a lewd, rude dead con man in a black-and-white striped ski suit will appear, and trick me into helping him escape the prison of his afterlife. ... Though if he can possess everyone at my Aunt Jan's next Christmas dinner to don their ski goggles, run naked into the snow, and lip sync to "Ice, Ice Baby," maybe it would be worth it....

Gogglesoc, Gogglesoc, Gogglesoc!

Damn. Doesn't work like Beetlejuice.

How the Gogglesoc does work is it slips over your ski or snowboard goggles to protect their lenses from nicks, scratches, smudges, and snow streaks when you're not wearing them. You can also use the microfiber material of the Gogglesoc to clean the lenses before and after use. Gogglesocs have an oversized label that allows you to slip them on and off easily, even with gloves on, and even when your goggles are still attached to your helmet.

Gogglesoc microfiber is made from 88% rPET, the official term for recycled plastic bottles. The goggle covers come in a ton of different designs and colors. Pictured above is 7th Heaven.

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