Giant Inflatable Snow Sleigh

Posted: January 04, 2022
Giant Inflatable Snow Sleigh
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FUNBOY's giant Inflatable Snow Sleigh is 70" long, 30" wide, and burly enough to take 2 of you on Houndstooth or Gondola-designed sledding adventures this winter. All you need is an air pump, or some COVID-free lungs to sleigh it on this baby.

Inflatable Snow Sleighs are made of ultra-thick K80 snow vinyl built to withstand temperatures of up to -25 degree F (i.e., way colder than you'll ever be sledding in, unless you want your hair and eyelashes to freeze and break off in clumps.) The air cushioning of the supersized sled can safely carry up to 250 pounds, and probably more than that if you're drunk sledding and safety isn't your primary concern.

FUNBOY has fitted each Snow Sleigh with rapid inflate / deflate valves, and a pair of handles for schlepping the sled uphill, and gripping it for dear life on the way down. A pull rope on the front will also assist with the uphill part.

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