Bobsla Snow Kart

Posted: December 30, 2019
Bobsla Snow Kart

It may be lovely weather for a sleigh ride together, but I think I'm gonna sled solo on a Bobsla this time. And by "sled" I mean fly downhill and across the snow at speeds of over 20 MPH in this snowmobile / drift kart electric hybrid.

The Bobsla pairs a frictionless, sled-like front half with a pair of treads on the back, the latter powered 'round and 'round by a 12kW motor. At printing, Bobsla was marketing their e-snowmobile to ski resorts, as an alternative or additional option to downhill skiing and snowboarding, and a less expensive winter sporting good to own and operate than a fleet of snowmobiles.

While it doesn't appear that Bobsla snow karts are available to the general public yet, if they show well at the resort level, individual purchase options are sure to follow. The Bobsla is intended to be simple to learn to operate and easy to maneuver. Check out the video to see the electric snow runner in action.

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