Backyard Hockey Rink

Posted: September 12, 2012
Backyard Hockey Rink
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Winter is coming. And when the temperatures drop below freezing, and the snow and ice and dragons and White Walkers storm your abode, it's important to be a good host. To welcome them with some Ice 'N' Go backyard hockey rink action. Obviously designed by the Canadians, the Ice 'N' Go arrives as a kit that includes the PVC rink frame and a vinyl liner to create borders, plus optional hockey goals. No tools, no wood, and probably only a moderate amount of assembly-spirited frustration are required. Once the frame and liner are laid, the rink requires a 4-1/2+" water depth--and several hours to freeze--before the skating, checking, and tooth-dislodging can begin.

For $325, Ice 'N' Go will deliver a 15' x 26' backyard hockey rink. Sizes increase from there, growing up to 25' x 45' for a massive face-off (and face-plant) friendly kit, which costs an extra $300. 50" x 42" goals each ring in at an additional $100.

I wonder how the Mother of Dragons would fare in a pair of speed skates. I think I'd take her on my team. Daenerys, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, pre-Storm of Swords Jaime Lannister, and Tyrian's compadre Bronn. Heh, the first few practices they'll probably all be high sticking each other in the face. But I think by January, when the real cold as a well digger's asshole temperatures roll in, they'll be able to Gretzky the White Walkers and wights and that Melisandre chick...and Sasquatch and Yeti for good measure...down.

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