Assled Wearable Snow Sled

Posted: February 06, 2022
Assled Wearable Snow Sled
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The Assled is a new wearable snow sled from Snowfeet, a Czech company in the business of making unique recreational snow products, and naming them exactly what they are. (See their namesake Snowfeet, and Skiskates.)

Assleds strap to - you guessed it - your ass to provide a minimalist, frictionless surface for gliding down snowy hills, and then a lightweight, hands-free way to schlep your sled back to the top. Unlike pretty much any other snow sled that doesn't require inflation, and isn't a garbage bag, Assleds also roll up like a yoga mat, so you can attach one to your backpack / gear bag and carry it around with little trouble even when you're not actively Assledding.

When you buy an Assled, you'll also get "5 sleds in 1 Assled." That is, the straps, buckles, and bendiness of the sled allow for 5 different configurations: sitting with straps fastened; lying on your back; lying on the stomach; kneeling; or seated tandem with a buddy.

Assled stopping or turning controls can be found at the ends of your ankles - your heels give you control over the ride.

According to Snowfeet, Assleds are suitable for anyone ages 5 to 105. I'd like to see proof of that via a video of a 5-year-old and a 105-year-old taking an Assled run together.

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