Wall-Mounted Patio Umbrella

Posted: May 06, 2021
Wall-Mounted Patio Umbrella
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Dude. I wish my mama had seen this wall-mounted patio umbrella before she bought a freestanding one with approximately 700 pieces and a base that needed to be filled with 250 pounds of sand. Because you know who put that monstrosity together. That's right. This dude.

I don't know, maybe wall-mounting a patio umbrella on the side of your house or garage isn't that much easier than assembling one with a ground base. But having gotten a full-on World's Strongest Man workout hauling all that godforsaken sand into the container, and then having to move the entire structure, like, 14 times so my mama could see how it looked on every 24" plot of her patio, I think I would have preferred giving it a go.

The wall-mounted patio umbrella show here is also much smaller than than the 11' behemoth my mama chose. It has a wingspan of just 7', paired with a telescoping and articulating mounting arm that allows you to extend the canopy up to 73" away from the wall, plus tilt it to get the coverage you need.

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