Trampoline Sprinkler

Posted: June 14, 2020
Trampoline Sprinkler
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One question that's been on my mind a lot lately is, how can we make trampolines more dangerous? Seems like Biubee has been pondering the same thing, but unlike me, they've come up with a terrific answer: a 49' long trampoline sprinkler!

Case in point: the kid in the photo definitely looks like he's going to bite his on tongue off when he lands and slides right into a backwards somersault on the now-frictionless trampoline surface.

The Biubee Trampoline Sprinkler consists of the 49 water pipe, 2 pieces of pipe interface, and 20 pieces of cable ties. The company also notes that after you get enough profanity-laced verbal lashings, and possibly lawsuits, from the parents of kids who break their teeth and limbs wet-trampolining, you can convert the Trampoline Sprinkler into a plant irrigation system.

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