Toja Grid DIY Hammock Kits

Posted: May 16, 2023
Toja Grid DIY Hammock Kits
$1,180 - $2,236
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Whether you prefer your hammock open to the sky, with a top shade sail, with a back or side shade sail, or with a pair of shade sails to custom install to your shade and privacy needs, Toja Grid has options for all of them. Know what Toja Grid doesn't have options for? A hammock and shade sail(s) I don't have to spend all weekend building for my mama. Because Toja Grid doesn't sell hammocks, they sell DIY Hammock Kits. With or without shade sails.

But you know my mama's gonna want whatever version requires the highest amount of manual labor from me.

Hopefully she'll deign to let me take a nap in the hammock after I'm done making it.

Toja Grid DIY Hammock Kits all come with 2-person hammocks made from Challenge Sailcloth, rated to hold 500 pounds of static weight. Basic sets also come with 8 x TRIO corner brackets and screws with black plastic head caps. If you choose a kit with shade sails, you'll get those in 8' x 8' sizes too.

Not included with DIY Hammock Kits are the wood posts you'll need to build the installation's structure. Toja Grid has design options for 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 lumber, which they require you to get on your own because shipping wood is expensive, and probably not worth it. This also allows you to choose the type of wood you want as your hammock's base.

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