The Wellness Capsule Modular Outdoor Sauna

Posted: October 19, 2017
The Wellness Capsule Modular Outdoor Sauna

I wonder if Kung's Wellness Capsule is like the Cocoon swimming pool. A sauna that restores my life force and makes me feel 20 years younger. Even if it's not, the modular outdoor respite is one of the finest pieces of yard art I've ever seen. And that's without me even inside it yet.

Kung made the Wellness Capsule to keep you well no matter where you live or move. It's compact enough to sit on a city rooftop or in a small backyard, and it's modern, sculptural aesthetic allows the sauna to fit in set up on a handsome estate or amidst the wildflowers in a country garden. Just make sure whatever location you choose has some privacy. Or that you have an exhibitionist sense of adventure.

Unlike most thick, dark, wooden, or even Golden Egg saunas, the Omnia Wellness Capsule has a frameless glass front that integrates the surrounding environment with your sweat session. The curvy sauna capsule body is made of polished chrome and anthracite-colored slate. Traditional paneled pinewood lines the sauna room, or as the Swiss Kung company calls it, "saunakabine." The design also includes a shower stall for cleaning up before / after that's laid with natural slate.

The total Wellness Capsule sauna measures 8.2' x 5.9' x 6.9'.

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