The Waterfall Swing

Posted: June 04, 2017

A couple pushes on the Waterfall Swing and you'll be...swiiiing-in' in the rain, just swing-in' in the rain. What a glorious feeling.... This impressive piece of interactive art consists of a steel framed swing set housing a series of mechanical solenoids that create a streaming curtain of water when activated.

Swingers can pass through the straight-streaming waterfall on their way up and then again on the way back. Or they can play around with the set's timed and patterned cascades, trying to pass through center right as the middle jets stop and create an arced opening.

The Waterfall Swing also has settings that allow it to "rain" letters and shapes, as demonstrated in the second video in the gallery above.

Waterfall Swing design credits go to Mike O'Toole, Andrew Ratcliff, Ian Charnas, and Andrew Witte; the set was built by Dash 7 Design. While not mass produced or, at least at printing, available for purchase, you may stumble upon the Waterfall Swing in a town near you, as it travels the world and installs itself for public test drives.

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