The Extractor Bite & Sting Kit

Posted: May 05, 2017
The Extractor Bite & Sting Kit
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Stung by a bee? Bitten by a snake? Suck it up, son. Or rather, suction it up. With [cue appropriate vacuum pump music]...The Extractor!

Sawyer Products' bite and sting kit is built around The Extractor, a reusable vacuum pump that draws out poisons in a single motion, and that, for most of us, is preferable to digging around the affected area with a scalpel or knife. The Extractor includes 4 plastic cup sizes to fit over different types of bitten areas. To use it, fully cover the area with the cup when the pump's plunger is pulled out, and then press it all the way down to activate the suction (seems counterintuitive, I know.) Hang out there while the poison reverses its route, pulling the plunger back to release the suction when you're ready.

The Extractor kit works best outside of the body's "muscle areas" because venom enters the circulatory system much faster when bites occur near dense muscle tissue. So, for example, if you get stung in the calf, the pump isn't going to be as successful extracting the venom.

Also included with the Extractor are alcohol prep pads, bandages, sting care wipes, and a razor.

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