TerraSol Sonoma Chaise Lounge - Deck Chair & Pool Float

Posted: March 09, 2021
TerraSol Sonoma Chaise Lounge - Deck Chair & Pool Float
$158.21 - $259.99
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Well, ladies, the next time your a-hole boyfriend picks you up and throws you into the pool, you can tell him to throw the pool lounger you were sitting on in after you. The SwimWays TerraSol Pool Sonoma Chaise Lounge is a hybrid deck chair and pool float.

Made of all-weather material in a rattan style, the floating lounger looks fairly decent dotting the pool deck in your choice of blue, brown, light beige, or white. It has joints at the middle so you can fold it in half for portability and storage too. But the best part is, when it's time for a dip, you don't have to stress someone will steal your seat because the TerraSol Sonoma Chaise Lounge goes from patio to pool, from sweatin' in the sun to chillin' afloat in the water, right along with you.

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